Woof 2019 Convention in Notthingham (England)


We just got back from the Woof 2019 Animal Behaviour Conference in England - hosted by Chirag Patel from Domesticated Manners!


We are happy to share some of our impressions with you. We met wonderful people such as Dr. Julie Vargas (daughter of B.F. Skinner) as the Keynote Speaker - it was an honor to listen to her...


We also had the priveledge to listen to fantastic Speakers! 

  • Dr. Julie S. Vargas Ph.D
    • ​Behaviour Analysis for Effective Teaching
    • Kinds of Consequences
    • Making a Difference
  • ​Chirag Patel
    • ​Giving Training back to the Animals
  • ​Eduardo J. Fernandez Ph.D.
    • ​Stereotypes: What is Being Repetitive About?
  • ​Emelie Johnson Vegh & Eva Bertisson
    • ​Start Button Behaviours - A Tool For Communication
    • Flowchart Your Training Sessions
  • ​Helen Zulch MRCTS
    • ​That makes me so Frustrated! Exploring the Concept of Frustration in Dogs
  • ​Ilkka Hormila
    • ​How to use TPDA Method and the Four Stages in Dog Training
  • ​Julia Robertson
  • Kay Laurence
    • ​Thinking Laterally: The Influence of Anticipation
  • ​Ken McCort​
    • ​Animal Assistant Intervention Using Dogs 
  • ​Kim Monteith
    • ​How Trainers can Help Shelter Animals in Need
  • ​Liam Landymore
    • ​Liam`s MOB
  • ​Lore Haug DVM
    • ​Common Medical Issues Affecting Aggression and Anxiety in Dogs
  • ​Marty Becker DVM
    • ​Pigs can fly with Unicorns
  • ​Nancy Tucker
    • ​The Good Enough Dog
  • ​Sarah Fisher
    • ​Do SWEAT the Small Stuff! An animal centred approach to improve education and welbeing
  • ​Steve White
    • ​Secrets of Top Working Dogs: Environmental Stimulus Control and Decision-making Skills
  • ​Theresa McKeon
    • ​What to do from What to know
  • ​T.V.Joe Layng Ph.D
    • ​Introduction to the Behaviour of Science
    • Beyond Cognition and Behaviour: Nonlinear Clinical Contingency Analyses
    • Emotions and Emotional Behaviour
    • Contingency Adduction: It`s Experimental and Applied Roots

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