Miri Styppa

Chief Dog Trainer and Dog Behaviour Consultant

Founder and Owner of Pfötchenhof Pfalz (PPPaws)



Esther Würtz (Cooperation Partner)

Veterinary and Pet Behaviour Therapist


Anastasia Flitschew

Co Trainer



Born 2014 in Ibiza, thrown away by her owners with 3 month...Seen her, adopted her, love her ever since...Youngest chica in the group, always up for a joke, always right, teaches us where we have to improve every day and just toooo smart ;-DDD




Baby Fee

Born handicapped in 2012 in Spain, she was passed on from one animal shelter to the other. Since she is deaf, nobody had use for her. We got to know her during our voluntary work in the Refugio DUO Ibiza, a place where she first experienced love and care in her life. We adopted her, when we moved back to Germany. She turned out to be the most helpful dog and she is the one helping our insecure paws in training to improve.




Retired since 2018 and loving to just hang out :) She originally comes from Romania where she has been found abused in the streets of Sibiu. She is the greatest and most faithful dog I have ever met in my life...




Retired since 2016 and now doing what he loves the most: sleeping and doing the senior performance for extra treats ;-DD He originally is from Tenerife, where he spent his first months as a puppy gift for Christmas, lived his first months on a balcony and was then kicked out and found almost starving. Saw him, walked him 2 weeks and couldn`t leave him there. Has been with us since 2008.



Murphy & Jackson

They have been looking for a home online, so we adopted them with DHL delivery service. They both assist us, whenever needed and share the Seminar Room together.

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