Dogs Body Language


Are we going to become friends? What does the picture say? Does wagging the tail really mean that your dog is happy about something? What are the most common misunderstandings when humans and our four paws live together? What can you do, to form a better and stronger bond built on trust with your dog and to use YOUR body language in a more gentle and also clearer way when adressing your dog?


In this Seminar we introduce you to the basics of "The Dog`s Body Language" and let you find out what our dogs expressions try to tell us day by day. You will be able to "read" your dog better and our hand out will help you to remember the contents of the Workshop later on. 


Videos support the session by making things clearer!



This Seminar is a Theoretical Seminar so please leave your dog at home for this session!


Since our Videos also show some conflict behaviours for your studies, we prefere to spare them for your dog.


Location:   Pfötchenhof Pfalz


Participants:   Min. 3/ Max. 10


Dogs:  No.


Dauer:    2 Hrs.


Dates:  Friday, May 24th, 2019_06.00 p.m.


Preis:      20,-€/ Pers.*

*for couples: please add 10€ for the second person



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